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  1. In order to pour the perfect beer with a good head, you must have a “beer-Clean Glass”.
  2. If branded glassware is available, ensure the correct branded glass is used with each draught brand.
  3. Hold a clean glass at 45˚ just below the spout.
  4. Pull handle forward to its full extent, allowing the beer to flow down the side of the glass and straighten up the glass as it fills.
  5. Fill the glass so that the head is just proud of the rim. If the head has not formed properly during pouring, use the creamer action of the tap by pushing the handle handle away from you, Allow for about 20mm of head.
  6. DO NOT allow the nozzle to touch the beer in the glass. As it dries it will cause bacteria build up which, in turn, causes off flavours, skunkyness and head reduction.
  7. The head of the beer is very important part of the beer as it provides the desirable visual appearance, which distinguishes beer from other drinks.
  8. When serving the customer, present the brand badge forward.