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Many pouring problems are related to Draught Beer storage.

  • DO NOT store the kegs in direct sunlight
  • All Kegs should be stored at a temperature of 10˚C.
  • The Kegs must be stored upright.
  • Kegs must be moved by trolley or be carried upright.NOT ROLLED. Rolling the keg will agitate the beer and cause foaming when dispensing.
  • Should a barrel be dropped or rolled it will take at least 3 hours or the beer to settle.
  • DO NOT store the keg below 10˚C.
  • DO NOT use dry ice or put the keg in a deep freeze to try and cool it quickly.
  • This will cause the Beer, if frozen to go cloudy, NEVER serve such a Beer.
  • Storage facilities must be hygienic. DO NOT store food on top of the keg.