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  1. When the service cylinder is empty, close the cylinder valve and the two-way valve (where used)
  2. With a spanner, disconnect the coupling nut from the cylinder, keeping the fibre washer in place
  3. If necessary replace the Fibre washer
  4. Disconnect the wall bracket chain and replace the empty cylinder with a full cylinder
  5. Secure the full cylinder to the wall bracket with the chain.
  6. The cylinder valve opening must face away from the operator.
  7. Open the cylinder valve for one second, to clear dust from the valve opening.
  8. With a spanner, connect the coupling nut to the cylinder valve, ensuring that the fibre washer is in place.
  9. Open the cylinder valve for a few seconds to set the fibre washer and to ensure that there are no leaks.
  10. Once the cylinder valve is opened it must be left open.
  11. DO NOT adjust the pressure regulating valve.