Draught & Fountain

DDS is a leading provider of draught and fountain services, including installation, sanitation and maintenance. Draught equipment requires specialist and regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the draught beer poured, and the optimal functioning of equipment.

  • Draught and fountain line sanitation: a physical and chemical process that needs to take place every two to three weeks (12 weeks for fountain)
  • Maintenance of draught and fountain equipment, gas regulators, coolers, glycol, two-flow, primary coolers and secondary coolers

DDS currently provides draught and fountain-related services to SAB and ABI and a range of microbreweries across South Africa


DDS has more than 10 years’ experience of managing and maintaining fridge assets on behalf of clients. Preventative maintenance of refrigeration systems is key to keeping this costly asset in good shape:

  • Condenser maintenance
  • Re-gassing
  • Evaporators servicing
  • Maintenance of lights & doors

We also carry out logistical management of fridge assets i.e. installation, removal and storage.

Equipment Suppliers

DDS stock holds a wide variety of draught related equipment across all our branches to cover most requirements e.g. dispensers, taps, couplers, python, regulators, fittings etc.

Dispense Consultancy Services

The dispensing industry can be complex and requires knowledge and experience to run it efficiently and cost effectively. DDS provides consultancy services to individuals, companies, and corporations in all matters relating to the dispense industry, including operations, financial, human capital and technology.


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